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Purpose, subject and tasks of the Association

The goal of the Association is to create and develop a single international space in the field of public diplomacy and coordination of networking to unite the resources of representatives of civil society and commercial organizations, scientists and specialists, bodies of all levels of government and other interested individuals and organizations.

The subject of activity is: representation and protection of common, including professional interests of ambassadors of public diplomacy in order to achieve socially useful goals.

The objectives of the Association are:


- creation and development of mutually beneficial international relations of the Association between the commercial and non-commercial sectors, representatives of the scientific sphere and business, bodies of all levels of government and other interested persons and organizations;


- assistance in promoting social, cultural, educational, scientific and managerial programs in the field of international relations;


- information, material and institutional support of the members of the Association on the basis of the creation of a unified coordination system;


- assistance in the formation and solution of comprehensive programs for the international development of the members of the Association (including economic and social tasks) based on the development of common platforms and combining the financial capabilities of the members of the Association in the area of cultural, scientific and digital diplomacy;


- the establishment of mass media and the implementation of publishing activities, and within its framework the organization of the release and sale of information products, periodicals and scientific-methodical publications;


- organization and holding of conferences and seminars, exhibitions, symposia, business meetings, lectures and public events;

- carrying out charitable activities.

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Projects and news

The organization's projects are non-profit and socially oriented projects. The projects presented on the network are open, that is, not only employees are allowed to participate, but also all those who are interested in the presented research and development.

The path of consent 2. Culture and interethnic communication of the peoples of the Krasnodar Territory

This project of the Association of Public Diplomacy Ambassadors is a continuation of the previous cycle of videos about the culture and interethnic communication of Russians, Ukrainians, Armenians, Greeks and Circassians (Adygs) of the Krasnodar Territory. He also generally continues the existing YouTube project "Ethnography", introducing viewers to the ethnography and history of the North-West Caucasus with a total audience in various social networks (Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte, Yandex Zen) of more than 50,000 people.

Project Description

The continuation of the project is aimed at expanding the subject matter of the content to create a series of ethnographic videos dedicated to the next five ethnic groups of the Krasnodar Territory - Jews, Tatars, Georgians, Assyrians and Czechs. The average length of each film is 15-20 minutes. Each of them contains a number of topics: general information about the people and their history within the Krasnodar Territory, language, folklore, national cuisine and, most importantly, the experience of communicating with representatives of other nationalities, with neighbors. Logically, each video is divided into infographic information and live field shooting with the participation of representatives of the peoples, in which communication is assumed in the participant's native language with the addition of Russian subtitles. The basis for creating videos is scientific research of the Kuban State University and the Research Center of Traditional Culture of the Kuban. In part, the videos will contain comments and interviews with ethnologists who have studied each of the peoples represented. The creation of a series of videos will allow, in a popular form in the languages ​​of the peoples of the Krasnodar Territory, to acquaint the general public with their history and cultural heritage.


The target audience is students of higher educational institutions, young people and the older generation who are interested in the history and culture of the peoples of the Krasnodar Territory, employees of cultural institutions, tourism and institutions dealing with nationalities, tourists from among local residents and guests of the region. Videos can be used as educational material for students of the faculties of history and sociology in educational institutions, for broadcasting in the media and training guides / guides of a wide profile, as well as visual material in the work of museums, rural houses of culture, presentations about the peoples of the Krasnodar Territory at public events organizations. The videos will be published on the Ethnographics YouTube channel and distributed in universities, houses of culture, ethnocultural centers and museums of the Krasnodar Territory, which will make them publicly available for everyone interested in the culture and languages ​​of the peoples of the Krasnodar Territory.

Substantiation of social significance

Considering the importance of using information technologies and electronic resources as a means for pursuing a unified cultural policy and harmonizing interethnic relations among representatives of different peoples of the Krasnodar Territory, the creation of ethnographic videos about the culture of the peoples of the Krasnodar Territory, partly in the languages ​​of these peoples, will become a significant information and educational and educational product important for the preservation of their ethnocultural identity.


Currently, the Krasnodar Territory is home to more than 50 nationalities, different in their culture, worldview, language and social ties in society. Acquaintance of a wide audience with their cultures plays, on the one hand, a supportive role for the preservation of their culture and language, and on the other hand, a preventive role aimed at reducing possible conflict situations on the basis of interethnic relations in society and brings peace and harmony to interethnic relations in a multicultural region. A huge role in this process is played by the inclusion of materials on the cross-cultural interaction of peoples with their neighbors in videos. Until now, this topic has not been widely touched upon by regional media and cultural organizations in the popular video format. In addition, the popular nature of the presentation of the material allows us to solve the problem of the formation of ethnographic tourism in the Krasnodar Territory and a better representation of its multinational diversity in educational and cultural institutions, among public organizations.

Videos will be in demand among both the younger as well as the middle and older generations. Films posted on the Internet will make it possible to acquaint the general public with the language and culture of the peoples of the Krasnodar Territory.

The acceptance of applications to the Presidential Grants Fund for the second competition of 2021 has been completed.

The submission of applications to the Presidential Grants Fund ended on March 15, 2021. At the second competition in 2021, one project was submitted from our organization, we have assembled an excellent team.

We are waiting for the results, we really hope to win.
The Presidential Grants Fund is three years old!

Today, the Presidential Grants Foundation is celebrating the third anniversary of its foundation - the single operator of grants from the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society.

Our organization expresses its sincere congratulations on such a significant date! On the way to the formation of civil society in Russia, today there are still a number of difficulties and points of growth, which is quite explainable by the specifics of the process itself. However, the Presidential Grants Fund makes a huge contribution to their solution by providing financial support to socially oriented non-profit organizations.


Novitsky Igor Yakovlevich
Head of the Association of Public Diplomacy Ambassadors

Zhadan Sergei Grigorievich
IT specialist

Shtybin Vitaly Vladimirovich
Project manager - Way of harmony 2. Culture and interethnic communication of the peoples of the Krasnodar Territory

Ablaeva Evelina Rashidovna
Project coordinator - Way of harmony 2. Culture and interethnic communication of the peoples of the Krasnodar Territory




The Association of Public Diplomacy Ambassadors is a voluntary independent corporate non-profit organization whose activities are based on the principles of self-government, legality, transparency, voluntariness, and equality of its members.


The Association carries out its activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, current legislation and the organization's charter.


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